Động lực là thứ giúp “đẩy” chúng ta đến một mục tiêu nhất định. Có động lực có nghĩa là bạn có mục tiêu để cố gắng giành được. Vậy chính xác Động lực là gì? Tại sao bạn cảm thấy bản thân đang thiếu mất động lực? Cùng IELTS Nhung Tran đọc bài đọc ở dưới để hiểu kỹ hơn nhé.

Đừng quên ghi lại những từ vựng hay để “bồi dưỡng” cho bài IELTS Writing của mình nào.

Động lực là gì?

What is Motivation?

Motivation is the force that compels (bắt buộc) you to stick with your goals and achieve them. It’s the desire to run a marathon, excel (vượt trội) at your job, and lose weight. Without motivation, you wouldn’t have any inclination (khuynh hướng) to pursue greatness. Your basic motivations must first be met before you can start working towards improving the finer aspects of your life.

The Importance of Motivation

Động lực là gì?
Động lực là gì?

Motivation has an exponential effect (hiệu ứng hàm mũ). In the beginning, it can be difficult to stick with your goals. When you’ve made it past the initial pain period, you’re more likely to keep working towards the finish line.

Motivation is also linked with our physical and mental health. When we lack motivation, our well-being will diminish. Our basic needs will stop being met and our mind and body will suffer because of it.

Why Is It Difficult to Stay Motivated?

  • Not Aiming High Enough

While it’s easy to think setting easy goals will keep you motivated, it may harm your long-term motivation. Ideally, you want to strike a balance between pushing yourself and creating realistic goals. If you’re used to staying within your comfort zone, you’ll be missing out on the satisfaction of achieving a life-changing goal. When you push yourself, you’ll be able to build unshakable (không thể lay chuyển) confidence as you crush goal after goal.

  • Suffering From Procrastination (sự trì hoãn)

If you find it hard to stay focused and get started, you’ll find yourself falling behind.

Procrastination is a bad habit that you must learn to deal with if you want to achieve your short-term goals. Some simple steps you can take to defeat procrastination are: commit to starting a task for at least 3 minutes, create daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists; and reward yourself when you complete your tasks.

Động lực là gì?
Động lực là gì?
  • Unclear Vision

If you have trouble creating a vision, then you’re at risk of drifting aimlessly through life (sống không có mục đích). When you find your purpose and passion, you’ll be driven to strive for excellence. You can start the process of discovering your life purpose by asking yourself: “What would my ideal life look like?”

  • Letting Fear Control Your Mind And Actions

Fear can prevent you from achieving your dreams. Instead of taking action and moving forward, you might be finding yourself apprehensive (sự sợ hãi) due to the fear of failure.

You mustn’t allow fear to hold you back. You’ll inevitably miss out on career, relationship, and self-improvement opportunities if you don’t learn how to manage your fears. Fortunately, fear can be overcome.

  • Feeling Overwhelmed With Work and Responsibilities

When we feel overwhelmed and forget about ourselves, it becomes a challenge to unwind and find balance in life. Burning out (kiệt sức) is a sign that you’re motivated, but you need to learn how to separate work and home life. Without this separation, the lines begin to blur and you may find it increasingly difficult to find motivation for yourself when you’re constantly wiped out from work. (bị công việc vắt kiệt sức lực)

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