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  1. Lương Nhĩ Mân says:

    Life in the city has a variety of advantages along with its disadvantages. One of the most important benefits is that people could gain more access to modern facilities. As a variety of infrastructure is located in residential areas, city dwellers can easily meet their basic needs. For example, it is not quite a problem to find good healthcare services or a prestigious educational institution in urban areas. Furthermore, cities tend to have a more diverse range of industries, which means there are more types of jobs available. As a result, people are offered a wider range of choices in their careers. On the other hand, living in the city also brings several disadvantages. Owing to high living costs, citizens have to pay higher prices for food, accommodation, transportation, and other needs. If the number of people who are in financial difficulties increases, it can lead to the development of slums where living conditions are even worse than in rural areas. In addition, large cities tend to have high level of pollution. Large amounts of untreated waste from vehicles and factories in industrial zones contribute to poor air quality, and soil and water contamination. Consequently, people are likely to face the risk of various health problems and serious damage to the environment. In conclusion, although living in a city has various advantages, some disadvantages of it should be taken into consideration.

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