INT English Podcast #06 – Accommodation

Where do you live?

What do you like or dislike about living there?

Đây đều là những câu hỏi quen thuộc mà bạn có thể gặp trong phần thi speaking đúng không nào. Vậy thì làm sao để trả lời thật hay những câu hỏi tưởng chừng như đơn giản như vậy đây? Cùng IELTS Nhung Tran nghe số podcast thứ 6 về chủ đề “Accommodation” nhé! Sẽ có rất nhiều từ vựng hay cho các bạn đấy!

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Phụ đề đang được tắt.

1. Do you live in a house or an apartment?

I live in a house in the suburbs of Danang. I’ve been living there for about a year now. It’s fantastic. The neighbourhood is not too crowded and there’s lots of greenery around, so my kids can ride their bicycles or run around the house without me worrying about the traffic.

2. What do you like or dislike about living there?

Well, as I’ve mentioned before, I love the fact that the area is not overpopulated so I feel like I have some privacy living there. Unlike my previous house where we rented out some of the room and we live together with the guests. It’s just so uncomfortable, and I always feel like we live in each other’s pockets. On the flip side, the location of my current house is very inconvenient. It often takes me about 40 minutes to drive to the city center. And, you know, there are not many shops nearby, so going shopping can be a real hassle

3. Which is your favorite room in your home?

Well, probably my bedroom. Even though it’s not very spacious, it’s very organized. My bed is super comfy. It helps me to have a good sleep and recharge my batteries after a hard-working day. I also have some plants on my balcony. It’s quite relaxing to look at the trees during breaks when I work from home.

4. Would you change anything about your home? Why/Why not?

That’s an interesting question. If I could, I’d love to move closer to my office and places that I usually frequent; all of which are in the city center. For someone like me who has a quite hectic schedule, the convenience of living near the city would definitely take some pressure off my daily life.   

5. Would you like to move to a different home in the future?

Well, I don’t know really. Right now, I’m quite contented with what I’ve got, but maybe in the future, I would love to experience living in an apartment complex for example. My parents are living in an apartment building in Hanoi, and there are a lot of amenities and services around their home such as swimming pools, gyms, convenience stores, department stores, restaurants, entertainment center, you name it. So, it’s quite modern and convenient.

  • In the suburbs >< in the heart of the city
  • The neighbourhood (n) = the area around your house
  • Greenery (uncount noun) = plants
  • To be overpopulated (adj) = to be crowded
  • To have some privacy
  • To live in each other’s pockets = to live too close to each other
  • It takes me about 10’ to drive to the supermarket
    It’s a 10-minite drive from my house to the supermarket
  • To recharge sb’s batteries = to relax = to unwind = to let sb’s hair down
  • To be a real hassle: if sth is a hassle, it causes difficulties or troubles
  • Spacious (adj) >< tiny (adj)
  • Comfy = comfortable (adj)
  • To frequent + a place = you come to that place often
  • To have a hectic schedule = to be busy
  • to be contented with sth = to be satisfied with sth
  • an apartment complex = an apartment building (n)
  • amenities = facilities (n) 
    1. I’ve been living there for + how long
    2. If I could, I would …

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